JAL - Lisbon Allergology Days

JAL - Jornadas de Alergologia de Lisboa

The idea of organizing The Lisbon Allergology Days have been inspired by The Paris as well as The Marseille Allergology meetings, where Dr. Pedro Da Mata is part of the Organization and Scientific Committee.

Carrying a very argumentative spirit, JAL has been held since 2006 and always on the last Friday of January. With normally controversial topics in the area of allergology, the JAL, unlike most medical meetings, dedicates about 20 to 30 minutes to discuss in more depth the topic debated

Having often the participation of a very interested audience,, among the most renowned names in national allergology, or of young inmates of the specialty, JAL is already part of the framework of Portuguese Allergology as has been recognized by the last Presidents of the Portuguese Society of Allergology.