Plastic Surgery

The Specialty

Plastic surgery is a specialty dedicated towards the treatment as well as correction of congenital body deformities or those acquired.

It is divided into two main areas:

– Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery

-Concerning reconstructive surgery, the objective is the anatomy restoration and the functional and anatomic structures recovery such as:

–Scar tissue revisions, burnt patient’s surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction and cranio-facial surgery:


In relation to aesthetic surgery we shall highlight:

–Breast surgery: enhancement, lifting and reduction.

-Body contour surgery: liposuction, liposculpture, abdominoplasty, gluteal volume increase

–Facial surgery, which includes the optimization of the anatomy; rhinoplasty, otoplasty, mentoplasty, chin-plasty and all procedures of age correction (face lift, brow-lift, blepharoplasty and neck lifting)

Apart from the technical aspects, plastic surgery stands out for presenting certain unique characteristics.

– Personalized treatment by excellence- the anatomical variability is great, and the beauty criteria are all subjective wherefore the treatment plan is defined is accordance to each individual need.

– Active participation of the patient so that the best outcome can be reached so it is essential to maintain an open discussion about the various therapeutics. There is rarely one single treatment option for the problem presented.

– Safety in procedures