Psychology, Coaching and Career Guidance

The Specialty

The consultations aim to bring more clarity and insight to the individual. It is aimed to meet the needs (emotional, social, …), synchronizing it to the self-regulation of the nervous system.

Coaching is a process focused on results, which helps people to broaden perspectives, change ways of thinking and acting and discovering new alternatives, options, paths and strategies to achieve success in any area of their lives. Talking about Coaching is talking about change, evolution, growth.

Vocational Guidance has as its main objective, through an evaluation of the adolescent’s personality profile, interests and aptitudes, as well as an analysis of the offer and structure of the educational system, to help the young adult to reflect and ponder in order to decide the school path that will allow him/her to later access a profession that fulfil him/her. Useful for unblocking situations of indecision or confirming decisions already made.